Due to popular demand, we have recently added a reperitoire of brass sheet to our ever growing stock range.

CZ108 H/H

One of the most popular grades of brass due to its hot and cold working capabilities. Supplied primarily as a sheet grade, this material is often used for general purpose and simple forming operations. It offers very good corrosion resistance in normal environments and good machinability at slow speeds. Brass is becoming increasingly popular due to it's decorative nature.

2000mm x 1000mm 2440mm x 1000mm
Plain 0.9mm - 3mm thick 0.9mm - 1.5mm thick
Mirror Polished 0.9mm - 1.5mm thick 0.9mm - 1.5mm thick
Brushed Polished 0.9mm - 3mm thick 0.9mm - 1.5mm thick